Choosing your Mover Redondo Beach with A and A Moving

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How to Choose a Mover in Redondo Beach with A&A Moving Company

My career in the halls of justice in Pasadena had finally paid off with a career move to Redondo Beach, California. This would also be my first move away from my birthplace and extended family, so I was determined to take all of my heirlooms and family antique pieces with me. The yellow pages did not offer ways and means to transport valuables with a mover Redondo Beach. Also, I learned very quickly that many if not most moving companies restrict their services to their own locality. But not A&A Moving Company, A and A Moving came highly recommended as the number one professional moving service in Redondo Beach as well as Los Angeles and the surrounding areas. So if you need a residential mover in Redondo Beach contact A and A Moving at 323-573-0010 and ask for a free moving quote.

mover redondo beachI was so burdened by naïveté that I thought my ten-day space to accomplish the move was sufficient. I had no bubble wrap, picture boxes, wardrobe boxes, tape, or dish packs. All I had on my side was an excellent recommendation. By contacting my new employer in Los Angeles, I learned they recommend A&A Moving Company to employees needing a mover Redondo Beach, because they will move residents’ valuables in or out of Los Angeles and the surrounding counties. This was a special godsend to me, as well as the service they offer of furnishing shipping supplies, packing and shipping delicate furnishings to be transported out of their county.

The personnel at A and A Moving not only gave me a free quote for moving all of my cherished family heirlooms securely, but they gave me an added ten percent discount because I requested the quote online! No one balked at the prospect of moving my 80 year old grandfather’s clock to my new home, and since time was short, I even entrusted the packing of my mother’s Mikasa china to the A and A Moving personnel’s capable and caring, careful hands. Besides, I knew my mover Redondo Beach would do it better. So contact A and A Moving for your next move in Redondo Beach and ask for their free moving quote online form 323-573-0010

The A and A Moving professionals were amazing. Even my music box collection I had acquired over my entire lifetime arrived safe and sound, each piece working exquisitely and without a blemish. My French Provincial furniture must have been wrapped in cotton because there was no hint it had been transported anywhere nor been touched by any hands but mine. I would gladly add my mover Redondo Beach personal recommendation to that of my employer for A and A Moving Services. They accept the duties of unique services of each individual customer with a smile and help residents or office owners move painlessly both in or out of the greater Los Angeles area, contact A and A Moving for your next residential move 323-573-0010.