Your Hollywood Mover for Over 10 Years, A&A Moving Company

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Your Hollywood Mover: A&A Moving Company

Southern California is a hub of constant activity and people are always on the move for a vast variety of reasons. Perhaps it is a new job; or maybe a job promotion. Better yet, is reaching the goal of being able to afford a larger home. The next biggest hurdle to overcome is to locate a company that will move your belongings to a new destination without fear of breakage or loss. That company is none other than A and A Moving of Hollywood California. Even when your move is to a place outside this moving company’s jurisdiction, they can make all the arrangements for the transport of your items. So for your next move in Hollywood, contact A and A Moving 323-573-0010. A&A Moving Company has been your Hollywood mover for over 10 years!

Willingness to keep the client number one is the priority of A&A Moving Company. If certain specifications must be met there is no other moving company that will meet and even exceed your expectations. Their well trained staff will treat your belongings as if it were their own and everything will be well protected during travel with the use of moving pads and dollies that are provided at no extra charge. Also provided at no additional charge is basic insurance against that unlikely event of damage; with no extra taxes or mileage; and even a special box for hanging your wardrobe is included.

Not all furniture is built to certain specifications and any piece that may incur damage is dismantled, packed in individual pieces, and then put back together again when it reaches its destination. There is absolutely no need to be concerned over family heirlooms that simply cannot be replaced. Be it an entire home, an apartment, or an office move, A&A Moving Company in Hollywood Ca deletes all reason for concern.

The A and A Moving staff is well trained in handling your items. Whether taking it up a few steps or a flight of stairs, there is no package these movers cannot handle. They are also on call seven days a week and twenty-four hours a day to meet anyone’s specific schedule. A&A Moving Company has every size and style of moving container that you may require. To safeguard your items there is also tape and bubble wrap to further protect your items from harm.

A&A Moving Company is easily reached using the internet. The phone number supplied will aid you in reaching an individual that is trained in answering any question that you may have. The consultation is free and no charges are assessed until you decide to hire the A and A Moving to make your move. Place the stress in the hands of those who are the professionals. Lean back, relax, and see how easy moving just became! Contact A and A Moving today for all your Hollywood mover needs and make sure to ask for a free moving quote online to receive a free wardrobe box with your move.