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Let A and A Help You Move Into Your New Home

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A and A Moving


High Quality Movers

As one of Los Angeles’ highest quality movers, A&A Moving Company continues to increase the level of customer service we provide to our beloved Los Angeles residents. A&A Moving Company has been assisting Los Angeles residents move houses since 1966! With 50 years of experience, A&A Moving Company’s team is as efficient as possible. We can get you out of your old home and into your new home quickly and efficiently. With our success in Los Angeles, we have been able to extend our high-level of customer service to Los Angeles County, Orange County, Ventura County, and San Bernardino County and have done so for the last 10 years. Our professional staff are all residents of these areas as well, so A&A Moving Company is committed to these neighborhoods.
We will Treat your Belongings with Care

The worst feeling after have moved all of your furniture and valuables, is finding that something has broken on the trip. At A&A Moving Company we understand how that moving your belongings must be done very carefully. To have some piece of mind that your furniture and other valuables will arrive in the same condition, look no further than A&A Moving Company. We also offer packing services and utilize a plethora of moving supplies to ensure our valued clients have the best moving experience possible. Our staff’s goal is to safeguard all of your belongings when safely packing them away and to ensure all of your belongings have reached your new home safely. To ensure that your possessions are safe during their transport A&A Moving Company:

  • Shrink-wraps belongings for extra protection
  • Disassembles ALL your furniture and wraps each piece, and loads onto moving truck

Our methods for packing your valuables (we treat all your property as valuables) were all designed with maximum protection in mind, to ensure that everything reaches you intact. We have specifically designed packing boxes that to are for dishes, delicate clothing, and pictures, just to name a few.

A&A Moving Company so confident that we will get you all of your possessions to your new home safely, that A&A Moving Company includes basic cargo insurance already in the quoted price for your next move! To get a Free Quote on how we can move you into your new home quickly, with no obligations, please click here.

Unlike other (slow) moving companies, A&A Moving Company does not surprise our clients with any hidden fees. A&A Moving Company prides its self on being as transparent as possible, so our customers know exactly what they are paying for their move. At A&A Moving Company, there are is No Extra Charge for:

  • Elevators and Stairs
  • Mileage
  • Any Taxes Incurred
  • Tool Rentals including dollies and moving pads

Additionally, A&A Moving Company does not charge sales tax on labor, services or products. We also provide the use of wardrobe boxes, on the day of the move, free of charge.

Each one of our professional movers will charge just $30 per hour.
Your bill will contain the time spent:

  • Packing of your valuables
  • Driving your valuables to their destination
  • Unpacking of your valuables

A&A Moving Company will only charge our customers for the time we spending working, until we have complete the job.

To learn more about A&A Moving Company’s services please email Mover@aandamoving.com or call our toll-free number at 1(800)349-5000.