Three Tips for Pet Owners to Provide Comfort to Pets During a Move

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Moving is very hard for everyone, but it can be even harder on pets. This is especially true for furry friends who have never moved before, and they don’t understand why their world is suddenly being turned upside down. The experts with Los Angeles movers have seen it all when it comes to pets and their owners moving.

If you’ve got a fur-baby or two, here are some things a pet owner can do to make the move just a bit easier on the pets.

Moving Tips for Pets

Advise the Vet

Most of the time, we don’t think about the veterinarian unless there is
something wrong with our animals, but it’s extremely important to advise them that of the move in case there are important documents the pet owner needs. Everything from certificates of vaccination to a listing of allergies and medications, a pet owner will want to have that on hand before he gets to his new home.

Chill Out

It’s not just the car ride the pet has to endure once the packing is done; being in the middle of such chaos can wreak havoc on pets. If a pet owner does not want to kennel the pets or take them to a friend’s home while packing, it’s best the pet owner clear out a room to use. A bathroom or bedroom can be all it will take to keep pets from getting all worked up.

Keep the Routine

Pets love their routine, and pet owners need to keep as much of it as they can to cut down on their pet’s stress. If they take a morning walk or eat at the same time every day, or have certain chew toys, keep those routines. Even when the pet owner is driving across the country. While it won’t eliminate a pet’s stress, it can help keep it to a more manageable level.

Anyone looking to move who has pets should contact their local Los Angeles movers. More tips can be provided on how pet owners can keep their pets safe and secure during their move.