Tips for Finding Trusted Local Movers

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When someone is making the decision to move into a new home, there’s no doubt they have a lot to consider. From deciding what items they will take with them to who they will hire as their local movers, moving is a job that takes a lot of planning. And unfortunately, there may be some additional stress attributed to moving. So, in order to help those who are moving soon, the following tips can make it easier for anyone to find a moving company that is right for them.

Insurance and Licenses

Anyone looking to hire local movers should first check to ensure that the moving company has the proper insurance and licenses. Those items should also be up-to-date. If the moving company has a DOT number, the patron can verify them through their local Department of Transportation. This ensures the patrons that their items will be transported safely and legally.

Moving Charges

Anyone looking to hire a moving company should inquire about the moving charges that will be related to their move. When this information is obtained, customers should look over the policy and inquire about the possibility of additional changes and policies related to their move.

Customers should keep the following in mind when inquiring about charges:

-Long-distance/interstate moves are typically charged by weight
-Local moves are an hourly charge
-International moves are typically charged according to volume of shipment
-Plan for reimbursement of any items that are damaged

Customers should find out how the moving company plans to avoid damaging the carpets and walls in the new home. The moving company should be able and willing to their techniques and the types of coverings they use to protect their customer’s things and areas.

Damage Claims

Customers should also ask about the moving company’s procedures for damage claims. It’s possible that no matter how many precautions are in place, damage can still occur. Customers should know the moving company’s policy in advance so that the customer is ready if damage does occur.

Hiring a moving company people can trust takes time, but it’s well worth the effort.