Moving Vans Make Life Easier

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A&A Moving Company offers free quotes and peace of mind. Instead of spending precious time attempting to pack and move items on your own, allow A and A to assist. Our moving vans and our company are licensed, bonded, and insured. Save your time and save your back. We do not charge extra fees for moves involving stairs and elevators and tools such as dollies and moving pads are all included in pricing. We do not believe in surprise charges, and we always aim to make all residential and commercial moves smooth ones.

Contact us twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week to schedule our stress-free services. Using professional grade moving vans also makes sense for the environment since it eliminates the need to make trip after trip with a smaller private vehicle. Not only that, but our services include reliable employees who handle all parts of the process from packing to driving, to unpacking. We eliminate the need for a middle man, and we free you up to focus on other important aspects of the move. Go ahead and spend time wrapping up one job while preparing for a new one, focusing on the kids, or getting to know your new neighborhood.

Our staff has the experience and tools to swiftly and efficiently move your belongings. We shrink wrap, disassemble, load and unload furniture. A and A even offers a free wardrobe box on moving day. We use methods and supplies that allow your items to make the transport unharmed, and we also go as far as offering basic cargo insurance in our quotes. Our company even offers our moving vans and services with no extra sales tax or mileage tax within thirty miles. We offer services for a variety of schedules and budgets, and we do not share personal information. Contact us today with your basic information, including moving date and size of apartment or house. We look forward to working with you and streamlining your moving process.