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Contact Moving and Storage Experts Today

When you must move quickly, you should hire moving and storage experts to protect your possessions from damage. In some cases, a landlord might sell your apartment building to another owner. You may need to relocate to a smaller apartment, requiring you to store your possessions safely.

Hire Professional Packers To Help You Move

If you hire the right movers, then they can help you sort through your possessions so that you will know what to store and what to move. With the correct labeling methods, it is possible to have containers unloaded at a storage facility while other boxes are transported to your new apartment.

Reduce Your Stress With Assistance From Knowledgeable Packers

An emergency move to a new apartment can become stressful when you are doing it on your own, but you can request help from professional packers. You won’t need to drive around Los Angeles looking for cushioning paper and cardboard boxes because the packers will have the items available.

Prepare a First Day Box To Make Moving Easier

Make sure to pack a first day box for your move to a new apartment so that you can unpack other containers without needing to shop for necessities. You must have the basic items required in a kitchen or bathroom, including paper goods, soap and a shower curtain. In addition, pack some glassware, dishes and eating utensils in your first day box.

Label the Containers Before Placing the Items On the Moving Van

When the movers are loading boxes, make sure that the items aren’t too heavy. To make it easier to understand what you want to store long-term, use a symbol such as a star on the cardboard boxes. Load the boxes onto the moving van so that the movers can carry the first containers to the back of your apartment.

Have a Plan For Heavy Items

Before loading heavy appliances, electronics and furniture on the moving van, know where you want the items to go in a new apartment. Provide clear directions to the movers to let them know where you want televisions, refrigerators or couches placed. With this method, you won’t need to push bulky items into the correct places later.