The cost of moving in Los Angeles

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It’s no easy task finding a new place to live in Los Angeles. It’s a big city with plenty of competition for rental vacancies and real estate. Once you find a new place to call home, it’s time to prepare for the moving process. Take some time to think about all the factors involved with moving into your new home. However, with some planning and research, your moving costs will be painless and won’t break the bank. Here is a helpful list of the cost of moving in Los Angeles.

Moving Supplies
Before you even start moving, your stuff needs to be movable. This means packing everything in boxes, containers, or having it sealed and protected from damage. You will need to purchase boxes, packing tape, bubble wrap and foam rolls for anything fragile, and markers for labeling your belongings. If you have heavy items such as kitchen appliances, you might need to buy or rent moving equipment like a dolly or hand truck to move those objects.

Truck Rental
Most people don’t own a large vehicle to haul everything to a new place. One solution is to rent a truck. The cost of a rental truck depends on the distance and time it will take to move everything to your new home. The total price includes the initial price of renting the truck, the mileage covered between your old residence and your new one, and likely the amount of time you will be needing the rental.

Labor of Moving
Unless you do regular heavy lifting, chances are you are not up for a day or two of transporting your possessions to your new residence. This might not necessarily be a financial cost, but a cost to consider nonetheless due to its backbreaking nature.

Easy alternative
Use a cheap full-service moving company. There are many moving companies in Los Angeles that will help you ditch all the time and effort in moving to a new place. A&A Moving Company is a great all-in-one solution for a hassle-free move. You can ask for a quote to start planning ahead and save you from the unexpected hurdles that come with the cost of moving in Los Angeles.