The Importance of Using a Professional Furniture Mover

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Using a professional furniture mover is the correct choice when you need to uproot and relocate to a new place. A professional furniture mover has the experience, equipment and moving techniques to ensure your possessions arrive at their destination undamaged and in a timely fashion. Choosing to hire professionals can help make your move faster, easier and less stressful. Here are some of the ways that hiring the pros benefits you.

Less Injury Risk

When you attempt to move your own things, you run a strong risk of injury. You may injure your feet or hands, sprain your muscles or cause cardiovascular issues from overexertion. To avoid risk of injury to yourself and loved ones who might be helping you move, hire professional movers instead. They are trained in lifting techniques and other methods for moving heavy objects properly and avoiding injury. Professional movers also have access to all the tools and equipment that make moving heavy objects safer and easier.

Less Risk Of Damage To Your Possessions

Trying to move heavy furniture yourself can result in damage to the furniture or your living space, such as the flooring and walls. This can result in security deposits being withheld as well as costly repairs. On top of that, you may irreparably damage a piece of furniture that holds strong sentimental value to you. Professional movers know how to move large, heavy and oddly-shaped pieces of furniture to ensure they arrive at your new home undamaged. This is especially true for specialty items such as pianos and pool tables. Movers also know how to maneuver bulky items through cramped hallways and other places where it can be easy to cause damage.

Saves You Time

You likely have many, many things on your mind as you prepare to move. Hiring professional movers lets you use the time you would have spent packing and moving on doing other important tasks relating to your move. This helps keep the experience of moving less stressful. When settling in somewhere new, your time is valuable and you must budget it well. Using professionals also allows you to move on your schedule as opposed to being reliant on when your friends and family might be available to help you move. Local moving companies are intricately familiar with the area they serve and know the best routes to avoid traffic and get your items from point A to point B quickly and safely.

Insurance Coverage

Professional moving companies are fully insured against injury to employees or damage to your possessions. This insurance provides compensation if your items are damaged in a move. If you try to move your items yourself and damage them, replacement costs will generally not be covered. You will also avoid any medical bills associated with injury during the move because your moving company’s worker’s compensation insurance will cover any employee injury.

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