Pasadena moving companies
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Are you moving soon?

Even though you’re starting a new chapter, moving is one of the most stressful things you’ll ever do. Not only do you have to close on your new house, but you also have to figure out how to move.

There is a lot to do, like canceling utilities and setting up new ones and moving furniture. If you hire the right team of professional movers, some of that stress will go away. But if you’ve never done it before, it can be hard to find a good mover.

We can help, so don’t worry! Read on for tips to help you find the best Pasadena moving companies and make your move as easy as possible.

Make sure they do an inventory when they move.

Moving companies Pasadena that are worth their salt will take a full inventory of your belongings and estimate the weight of the bulk. This survey will either be done online or in person.

Your estimator will look in all of your storage spaces, like bookcases, closets, and drawers. Most movers set their prices based on how much your stuff weighs.

Make sure they do a full walk-through.

When a moving company does a quick walk-through, they don’t pay the attention your things need. As mentioned above, a good mover will take inventory and also ask you about your move.

They want to know what you plan to take with you and how your new house will be set up. Will you pack so that the movers can put the boxes in the right rooms when they get to your new place? They will want to know about these things.

Don’t pay a big down payment.

Some cheap moving companies that aren’t as reliable as others may ask for a deposit. A good mover, on the other hand, won’t ask for money up front or a big deposit before the move.

You shouldn’t give money until your things are in the new house. If you pay up front, you have no control over when or if you’ll see your things again. One good tip is to pay with a credit card. This will give you an extra layer of protection against any fraud.

Stay away from companies that change their names

Some businesses avoid an evaluation by the Better Business Bureau by doing business under different names. It’s always best to go with a local moving company that has an address in your area.

Look at reviews and references

If you can’t get suggestions from friends or family, you can look online for reviews. The American Moving and Storage Association is a good place to start.

Ask the movers you talk to for references from people they have helped in the past. You want them to give you the names of people in the area who have moved in the last three months who can give you accurate information.