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Several years ago I moved myself from Mar Vista to Silver Lake Ca. When I moved to West Hollywood I hired a local moving company instead, and I’m really glad I did. A&A Moving Company were pros, ready to help, and made a world of difference. If your planning a move and need a local mover West Hollywood, contact A&A Moving Company at 323-573-0010 and ask for a free moving quote!

First Move: Do-It-Yourself

mover-west-hollywood-caFor my first local move in West Hollywood I had to take care of my apartment and “home” office at the same time. Either one alone would have been a burden. I avoid big impersonal companies, and some friends had a bad experience with small local moving businesses. So I decided to do it all myself. That was a big mistake. I ended up exhausted and basically lost a week of work at my consulting business.

Hiring a Local Mover West Hollywood

Having learned my lesson, when I decided to move to West Hollywood I looked in to local moving services. An online search for “local mover west hollywood” found A&A Moving Company, and I’m glad it did.

Free Quote Online

Of course I started with their free quote online. Even during that initial process I was impressed by A and A Moving high level of professionalism. After checking out a few other companies, I chose them. I didn’t go by just price (although their quote was among the lowest), recognizing the importance of dependability, being on time, and taking good care of possessions and furniture.

By this time I had a small office separate from my home. A and A Moving immediately recognized that I should make two separate moves, with a little time in between. That advice was a real life saver.

Preparation: Boxes and More Boxes

I still did my own packing, but A and A Moving supplies were a convenient and competitively priced source of all the boxes, tape, and packing materials I needed. A and A Moving supplies included a wardrobe box to keep my suits and favorite clothes hanging and ready to wear as soon as they arrived at my new home. They brought a few extra boxes with them, which was great since I had run out as I was trying to finish packing the night before. It’s that sort of customer-oriented attention to detail that confirmed my choice that they’re the best local mover in West Hollywood.

The Big Move

We moved my office first, and everything went smooth as silk. I spent a Sunday packing and they arrived bright and early Monday morning, right on time, moved everything, and finished on schedule. I think they remembered the old layout, as they placed all the furniture and equipment right where it needed to be. I unpacked things as I needed them, and really didn’t have any down time.

local-mover-west-hollywoodWith my work life back to normal, we moved my home the following week. It was a repeat performance. Everything was right on time, and they had all the padding and supplies needed already in their truck. A and A Moving even took time to disassemble, and then reassemble a large armoire to get it through a tight hallway without risking damage.

A and A Moving for your West Hollywood Move

Going with A&A Moving Company was a great choice for a West Hollywood local mover. Any move is stressful, but their professionals made my local move quick and worry free. They handled my possessions with care. Nothing was damaged in the least, and they placed all my furniture exactly where I asked. For my home move they even helped a bit with my last minute packing. If you’re looking for one of the best West Hollywood movers, contact A and A Moving at 323-573-0010 and take the stress out of moving.